SDFARC Members' Shacks and Gear

If you a member, please feel free to add information, links, pictures of your gear and shacks here.


My "shack" is rarely in a single location and I try to stay highly portable. More info can be found on my QRZ page.

  • Yaesu FT-60R - 2m/440 used for hiking, driving, local chat, and satellites
    • Comet SMA dual band whip for general use
    • Tram 1191 for vehicle use
    • Home made dual band half wave flower pot for base use
    • Home made dual band tape measure yagi for satellite ops
  • LNR Precision MTR-5B - QRP CW rig, mostly used on 40m
    • Home made 40m speaker-wire dipole for use while hiking
    • MFJ G5RV Junior (40m-10m) for backyard ops
  • ASUS X101CH EeePC - EchoLink and SDR computer
    • Generic RTL-SDR dongle for monitoring/exploring
  • RadioShack DX-398 (Rebranded Sangean ATS-909) - Portable SWL
    • RadioShack 278-1374A wind up antenna or random wire for general use